Standardized Packages

Our packages accommodate >99% of IT needs and security concerns

All packages include:
Friendly, Local Customer Support with Guaranteed Response Times
Advanced Antivirus with Ransomware Protection
Local and Offsite Server Backups, No-Fee Restores Included
Managed Microsoft and 3rd Party Application Updates
24x7 Infrastructure Monitoring and Automated Resolutions
Customized Support Application
Server, Virtualization, and Workstation Maintenance
Network and WiFi Equipment Support
Password Management System
Support Identity Verification
Windows, Mac, and Linux support
$100 Donation To a Local Charity
100 Trees Planted In Your Name!
Our base plan with great security features
For small businesses with straightforward IT requirements who wish to minimize costs where possible
Unlimited Remote Support and Access To Our Helpdesk
Basic DNS Filtering
Secure Domain Password Protection
Dark Web Monitoring
Security Awareness Training
End User Training Platform
IT Documentation
Annual Technology Business Review Meeting
Monthly Executive Report
BDR as a Service Server Backups
Monthly Human Backup Verification
Annual Technology Adoption Session
IT Budget Preparation
Asset & Inventory Management Report
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More security and unlimited on-site support
For organizations who are looking to leverage technology and want extra protection or have regulatory security requirements
Everything included in Smart, plus:
Unlimited On-Site Support For Any Situation That Cannot Be Tackled Remotely
Account Takeover Protection
EDR - Endpoint Detection and Response, The Most Advanced Threat Recognition Technology On The Market
Data analytics and business intelligence
Threat Hunting and Rogue Detection
Endpoint Encryption Management
Email Signature Management
Advanced DNS Filtering with User Reports
Quarterly Technology Business Review Meeting
Local Admin Elevation Management
Risk Assessment/PCI Compliance Management
Quarterly Simulated Phishing Attack
Bi-Annual Vulnerability Scan
Bi-Annual Technology Adoption Session
Quarterly Simulated Mock BDR Test
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Unbeatable Value
Our premier plan with features you can only get from a security focused IT provider
For companies that value technology and recognize the positive impact it can have on their business and desire maximum protection to minimize disruptions to business operations.

Everything included in Smart and Wise, plus:
Unlimited After Hours Support For Emergencies
MDR and SIEM Platform
File Integrity Monitoring
24x7x365 Security Operations Center with Human Monitoring
On-Prem DNS Proxy with SIEM Integration
VIP Personal Protection
Managed Multi-Factor Authentication Platform
Annual Penetration Test
Monthly Simulated Phishing Attack
Quarterly Vulnerability Scan
Policies and Procedures Management
Monthly Technology Business Review Meeting
Quarterly Technology Adoption Session
Microsoft 365 Backup
NAS Backup
Monthly Simulated Mock BDR Test
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* Let us get you a quote and tell you about our great discount programs!
Sleep Like A Baby
No, really

100 trees will be planted in your name

Charity and conservation are extremely important causes to us. We love and respect nature - and we feel compelled to give back when we can.

All trees are planted in United States National Forests, in priority locations determined by the U.S. Forest Service. Trees will be planted in the by the National Forest Foundation, a U.S. based 501(c)(3) charity with a  four star rating with Charity Navigator. Learn more here

Hey there's your tree!
No wait, it's that one!
Uh...this could take a while..

Common Questions

Is there a discount for not-for-profits?
Indeed! We offer our largest discount up front to not-for-profits, in support of our core value to enrich our communities. We have discounts for auto-pay subscriptions, contracts, and pre-payments. Give us a call to discuss what discounts you may qualify for.
Are there custom packages?
In order to offer the lowest possible prices for our packages, we have identified the common needs - which are packaged - and build on those a-la-carte. This reduction in variance helps to offer you increased value.
If your genius package offers more security, are the smart or wise offerings still safe?
We take security extremely seriously. All of our packages include the essentials for security and then some at an affordable cost. The higher level packages offer additional piece of mind and some really great features for a bit more budget.
Is hosting included?
Hosting is not included in our packages, but we certainly can accommodate any hosting needs whether that be on-site, co-location, or cloud hosting. We would be happy to get you a quote specific to your needs.