“We love using technology to optimize our lives”

- Ryan, CEO
At tectronIQ, we share a tremendous passion for all kinds of technology and we are adamant about contributing to society.

Long ago, we recognized the importance of IT-optimization security in the modern enterprise. That makes security our first priority in everything we do. This is reflected in the services we offer to our clients.
IT specialist offering it assessment evaluation

Maintenance and Growth

True Full-Service Technology Partner
We ensure that we can provide the full range of services. This way, you can partner  with us confidently, knowing we are able to anticipate, respond, and manage all IT-related scenarios.
Technology Optimization
What makes us stand out from other service providers is our experience in optimization of businesses. We don't just maintain; our technology and consult helps you grow.

“They've always found a solution to whatever issue we had come up.”

Owner of OT's Quality Drywall Inc.
A story about us

We are an efficient team, constituting of seniors in our respective fields.

One of the benefits of being us (if we may say so) is that we enjoy technology tremendously. Our passion ensures that we are always on top of - and have experience with - the latest and greatest advances in computing technology.

Ryan had a desire to offer a different kind of IT company to the market. The vision is to be the premier IT provider in the regions we serve and a provider of highly sought after careers.

By doing so - and by giving our team access to fantastic self-development tools, we create a system where top talent can provide the best service to our clients.

Something personal about us, is that little is more important to us than the relationships we have with our friends, family, and each other. Also, we are nerds, geeks, etc. and our passion for technology is rooted deep into our lives; our office will always be filled with fantastic gadgets, cutting-edge technology, and any sort of memorabilia you might see at Comic-Con.

Are you interested in a true IT partner for your business?

Learn why and how our consulting session helps you save on your technology bills.