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A painful question to ask yourself

Is your business stuck in the Stone Age?

Is your business taking advantage of the cloud?
Is your tech speeding you up, or does it just 'kind of exist'?
Are you leveraging new opportunities enabled by technology?
it consultant explaining it service management
Utilize all of the performance from the equipment you paid for
Adopt the best possible technology, complete with training and support
Supercharge your business

We want to help you utilize and improve the technology in every aspect of your business

The process:

We ensure that we completely understand your business' goals.

Then, we evaluate your technology and how effectively your staff is utilizing it.

You will receive a transformation plan, which shows the potential efficiency gains.

You say ''yes'' - we start executing: we guide your organizational upgrade and maintain consistent communication to answer any and all questions along the way.

We make your business significantly more efficient and secure.
Consistently optimize your technology

Benefit from our proven expertise

Improve security
Cyberattacks and ransomware bring businesses of all sizes to their knees. All our plans include essential protection from the most common threats.
Increase revenue
Functional IT yields a positive ROI through increased efficiency, business opportunity, and positive energy in the workplace.
Ensure business continuity
Tornados, fires and flooding can rob businesses of the data they need to operate. Protect your organization with our backups and business continuity planning solutions.
The results

A winning business embraces every edge it can get

IT (information technology) significantly impacts your business results. We are masters of automation, communication, maintenance, and everything 'technology'.

Sales consultation is always free!
We offer free IT-evaluations; exploring both its current status and its potential for improvement. Reach out to schedule a free session.
IT specialist offering it assessment evaluation
Join us

We offer full-service IT management

Partnering with us doesn't just "take your IT worries away"; it makes you a force to be reckoned with, driven by technology.
Free IT Security Checklist
Download our Security Checklist, so you can identify pressing IT Security concerns.
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Good luck! We will also send you a personal email to check in on you!
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"We are developing incredible IP, so I wanted to make sure we are fully protected. They gave us the best protection on the market."
Kelly Brimbore, CEO of RLPL Inc.

“I know from my long-standing relationship with tectronIQ, they are with you every step of the way."

Owner of OT's Quality Drywall Inc.

tectronIQ has always managed to find a solution for our needs, thinking outside the box when needed

Owner, Roach & Associates Accounting

Our IT management process in 2 minutes

Learn more about our proven processes to make businesses run more smoothly.
Take Your Pick

2 plans

SummIT, onsite

We're here to help you, always. Includes regular onsite training sessions, onsite IT-support when necessary and guarantees a complete absence of unexpected future costs.

Leverage technology to achieve breakthrough results business-wide
100% maintenance of your IT. Remote and onsite.
Covers EVERYTHING technology-related, save things like investing in new hardware.
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SummIT, remote

Choose to let technology fuel your business. Depending on your company profile, it might be cost-effective to exclude onsite costs. We will let you know.

The full SummIT experience, however onsite support is excluded.
Allows you to approach part of the costs as they come.
Covers EVERYTHING technology-related, excluding setting up new facilities.
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Do you have questions about IT?

We would love to hear from you.

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